Vitamins for pregnant women - what is needed?

Every pregnant woman should take vitamins to ensure that the period of gestation proceeded smoothly and without any complications. As a woman carries a developing in the womb the fetus, it requires a greater amount of vitamins, which will facilitate the proper development and growth of the baby, and also to maintain the health of the mother.

What vitamins are needed for pregnant women? Many experts advise vitamins prenatal for pregnant women, as they give the body of the mother and child all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are so essential both during pregnancy.

As for the rest of the vitamin, the most important for pregnant women are:

- vitamin a, C, D, E, K;

- vitamin B1, B2, B5.

Vitamin a enhances immunity of pregnant women and promotes good growth of the fetus. When the body appears shortage of vitamin a in the body begins to receive different kinds of rashes, dryness in the vagina, and start to fade and hair loss on the head.

Vitamin C forms the placenta in the womb of a woman, protects the body from various infections and promotes better absorption of iron in the body. The lack of vitamin C in the female body is accompanied by constant fatigue and sleepiness.

Vitamin D promotes normal growth and bone development in the fetus and prevents such diseases as osteopath, osteoarthritis and rickets. Lack of vitamin D is accompanied by cramps in the legs and crushing tooth enamel.

Vitamin E and vitamin C contribute to a good stretching of the uterus, making it easier birthing process as well as provide good blood clotting. Lack of these vitamins is accompanied by severe bleeding, possible premature birth or miscarriage of the fetus, and the fetus may develop hemorrhagic disease.

Vitamin B1 and B2 contribute to the good development of the fetus, providing his nervous and muscular systems, a sufficient amount of energy. Also vitamins contribute to a good and peaceful sleep of a pregnant woman. Lack of vitamins can cause a woman irritability, weakness, or the development of dermatitis, and fetal defects in development.

Vitamin B5 promotes proper balanced synthesis of sex hormones in the fetus. A lack of vitamin B5 can cause premature graying and hair loss pregnant woman.

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All complex vitamins, of course, important for pregnant women and for proper development of the fetus. However, any assignment must install the attending physician, so as to self-medicate in such a crucial period fraught with consequences.

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