Vitamins for female beauty

B vitamins are actively involved in the regeneration process of the skin, normalize hormonal levels and General condition of appearance. They are indispensable helpers in the preservation of youth and beauty for women.

In dairy, grain, vegetable products and in meat contains vitamin B2. It promotes rapid healing of wounds, eliminates inflammation and helps cleanse the skin. With regular use, improves the condition of the face and body.

Niacin, or B3 is widely used in folk medicine. Use vitamin for hair growth, albeit from a medical perspective, it is not a proven fact. However, women are sure of the useful properties of nicotinic acid.

Pyridoxine helps to preserve not the outer beauty of a woman, and internal. After a short time of a cute little angel, a woman can turn into a real beast. So to restore and strengthen the nervous system and is used vitamin B6 capsules.

B5 helps to cope with the increased level of cholesterol, thereby improves the condition of the feet, hands and body. The vitamin is widely used after a stroke to restore the natural balance in the body and to improve the physical condition of the person.

Folic acid is popular among pregnant women. The benefits of vitamin B9 is not only in fetal development and to preserve the beauty of the expectant mother. Thanks to vitamin appearance of a pregnant remains well-maintained and beautiful to the very birth. The skin does not lose the Shine, the hair does not fall out, stretch marks do not appear.

Dear women, if you want to preserve the natural beauty and youth for life, do not neglect vitamin C.

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