Vitamins control the spread of HIV scientists

Recent research in the field of HIV has proved that regular multivitamin can inhibit the development of the disease if they are taken together with selenium. The data were confirmed in the experiment conducted by researchers at Florida International University. Participation of 878 patients with HIV subtype C.

Often immunodeficiency associated not only with disease but also with the lack of micronutrients. Participants were divided into three groups. Some received only vitamins, other vitamins, selenium, others a placebo. The experiment took place over 25 months.

It turned out that the combination of vitamins and selenium helped to activate the residual strength of the immune system with HIV. In addition, selenium inhibited the development of the disease and give doctors more time to treat the disease. Thus, the scheme of the two drugs may be one of the standards of the comprehensive HIV therapy.

HIV is a viral disease that dramatically suppresses the immune system of a person. As a result, even the weakest infection can cause very serious complications leading to disability or death. Not uncommon when developed fungal infections of the intestines, the penetration of conditionally pathogenic flora (in which the norm is contained in the gastrointestinal tract) in the blood. The number of people with this disease grows, however, scientists are looking for an effective remedy against disease, and States countries allocate a lot of money on development in this area.

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