Vitamins can have a detrimental impact on the human body

As the experiments showed, the use of vitamins C and E with a high degree of concentration, reduces life expectancy by about a quarter. The human body cannot manufacture vitamin C. the Daily rate of consumption of this substance is 40 milligrams, that is the number allows the cells to function normally and to recover.

Vitamin E (also called vitamin shop) helps cells to maintain the structure. Men should daily consume it in quantity of 4 milligrams, and women 3. However, in many tablets it is in the dozens (or even hundreds) of times more. Scientists have conducted tests which were given to mice-voles vitamin E in large doses for two months. As a result, the life span of these experimental approached critical.

As the scientists, the funds that are intended to prolong life and protect against various diseases, had the contrary effect. Professor at the University of Glasgow (Scotland) Colin Selman, however, believes that the vitamins still affect free radicals in the body, helping to fight various diseases and to recover, struggling with aging. However, he noted that high concentrations of these substances can cause massive damage to health.

In his opinion, it is much safer to compensate for the deficiency of any vitamin C intake of adequate food. A complete diet that only consists of useful products is the basis of human health. With regard to the harmful effects of vitamins, this theme is mentioned not for the first time. Previously, scientists had already established a close relationship between vitamin E and prostate cancer.

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