Vitamins are absolutely ineffective

Previously, scientists have already proved that multivitamin complexes do not bring real benefits, but, meanwhile, millions of people continue to take them. New research has attempted to explain this phenomenon.

According to the author of the study, experts from the U.S. Department of dietary supplements Regan Bailey, many people continue to take multivitamins, confident that they will help make their health stronger, but experts such opinion does not hold. In addition, people choose complex vitamins, on personal basis to the firm-manufacturer and not on the doctor's recommendations.

In the latest study involved 12 thousand adults, 45 percent of which were sure that multivitamins improve their health, 33 percent thought they would help maintain health in a good condition, and only 23 percent took vitamins prescribed by a doctor.

Opinions about vitamin complexes differ. According to some scientists, long-term use of multivitamins reduce the risk of cancer. Other experts believe that taking vitamins is useful, and they have a favorable effect on the organism, but, in any case, artificial vitamins will never be able to replace those that a person gets from the consumption of products.

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