Vitamin E will help smokers to restore the vessels

Patients who got rid of the habit of Smoking, to improve the condition of blood vessels that will help course of vitamin E. This conclusion was based on research conducted by experts from the Ohio state University. Vitamin E characteristic of more than eight variations of the chemical formula.

The participants of the experiment were 16 Smoking man. They all participated in the program therapeutic support of the fight against Smoking. Daily, for one week, they took gamma-tocopherol in the amount of 500 mg. Each participant before and after studies were identified markers of inflammation and the condition of the vascular walls.

The results of the study showed that after administration of vitamin E in all participants on average by 2.8% have been shown to increase the function of blood vessels. However, because of the small number of participants in the experiment will require larger-scale study to examine the effect of vitamin E on blood vessels quit Smoking people.

According to experts, the obtained data about the research is extremely important to develop clear of regimens and making dietary recommendations during Smoking cessation.

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