Vitamin E increases prostate cancer risk

American researchers have found a disturbing link between supplements with vitamin E and 17 percent increased risk of prostate cancer. After a ten-year study of 35,000 men doctrine has detected a surge in the incidence of prostate cancer among those who took on the assignment of vitamin E.

Dietary Supplement with this vitamin greatly increased the risk of cancer among healthy men. Scientists also analyzed the effect of vitamin E on the risk of cardiovascular disease.

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The study began in 2001, part of the experiment, participants received dietary supplementation with selenium, another with vitamin E, the third - placebo, the fourth is a mixture of selenium and vitamin. At 620 from a group of men who took vitamin E were found to have prostate cancer, and in the group where taken and vitamin and selenium - were 555 cases. 17% increase in the incidence of cancer demonstrates the potential harmless biologically active substances, such as vitamin E, to cause harm. However, the reason for the increased risk of cancer in the vitamin E has not been discovered, it is also not clear, reduced risk when stopping the use of additives.

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