Vitamin E and its value for the human body

Vitamin E is the major fat-soluble vitamin that is designed to rid the body from free radicals and helps to keep the skin young.

The purpose of vitamin E

The main property of vitamin E is an antioxidant effect. It also helps cells to resist external factors that contributes to the prolongation of youth body.

Lack of vitamin E comes from the absence in the diet of nuts and vegetable oils, which in turn, leads to muscular dystrophy, atrophy of liver cells, decrease in sexual function and infertility.

Vitamin E and its useful properties

Vitamin E helps to improve the nutrition of the cells and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. If the body enough, when properly selected exercise will be more rapid muscle growth. In addition, due to its antioxidant properties, vitamin E contributes to the improvement of the skin, helping to keep its youth, and affects more rapid healing of injuries and wounds

Need an overdose of vitamin E:

The rate of human consumption per day of vitamin E is about 10 mg. it is Important to remember the property of vitamin E accumulates in the body, which can lead to intoxication.

If you get vitamin E in the body in quantities of not more than 200 mg is not manifested any complications, and increase to 1000 mg may cause significant damage to health. If overdose occurs fatigue, headache, double vision, as well as stomach problems and muscle weakness.

The main source of vitamin E - are eggs.

Containing vitamin E?

The greatest amount of vitamin E is wheat germ oil - 215 mg / 100g, in sunflower oil -56 mg, almond -26 and olive - 12mg.

Vitamin E is resistant to heat (170 degrees), but when exposed to sunlight and ultraviolet light breaks down. Therefore, the oil should be stored in a dark place.

If you need to use vitamin E additionally?

Once in the stomach vitamin E severely destroyed, assimilation is not more than 50%. Most people do not need additional intake of vitamin E, because they receive the necessary quantity, eating vegetable oil, nuts or eggs.

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Additional intake of vitamin E. it is better to start only after consultation with your doctor, because it accumulates in the body and can lead to intoxication.

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