Vitamin D significantly improves the condition of patients with asthma

As shown by research conducted by British scientists from king's College London, patients with asthma should be more likely to spend time under the sun. Such measures will help to increase the level of vitamin D in the body, low levels of which are associated with deterioration of patients with this disease.

Scientific experiment found that vitamin D does more than "myrrh" the active part of the human immune system during asthma. However, treatment of asthma with the help of vitamin D has not been tested. It should also be noted that during asthma people experiencing breathing problems caused by inflammation and narrowing of the Airways. As treatment of such patients are prescribed steroids, but these drugs are not for everyone.

During their research, the scientists studied the effects of vitamin D on chemical compound interleukin-17, which represents one of the vital components of the human immune system, as it actively participates in the fight against infections. However, high levels of Il-17 causes problems. The researchers concluded that some patients do not help the steroids, because their body produces 7 times more than the mentioned chemical compound than in the body of other patients.

Also some patients suffering from asthma, do not tolerate the medications taken, and if British scientists will prove a positive effect of vitamin D, it will lead to the fact that the number of drugs can be reduced, which, in turn, will improve the quality of life of patients with asthma.

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