Vitamin D helps in the control of asthma, scientists believe

Asthma is a chronic disease associated with respiratory disorders. The frequency and severity of attacks can vary within wide limits. Patients with asthma receive a number of hormones that help to stabilize and avoid most attacks. In a recent study by scientists from the University of tal-Aviv was established that vitamin D helps asthma control. Information published by the Hindustan Times.

In research took part 21,000 people with asthma. The researchers measured each level of vitamin D and compared the value with the frequency and severity of attacks. Consideration of external factors (Smoking, obesity, chronic diseases). It turned out that reduced vitamin D increased the risk of severe attacks by 25%.

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Scientists are advised to increase the intake of vitamin not only for patients with asthma, but also for all other adults and children. Of course, everything should be in moderation. Vitamin D is formed when exposed to sunlight. In winter, the deficit will help to fill a special vitamin products, fresh vegetables and fruits.

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