Vitamin D deficiency is the cause of dementia

A recent study by scientists from the UK have proved that vitamin D deficiency in the elderly increases the risk of early dementia. Experts can't say that taking vitamin D for the elderly mandatory, reports the BBC. There are delicious and healthy products, in which this connection is contained in a sick number. Oily fish is a vivid example. In General, vitamin D is produced in the skin by exposure to sunlight. With age the skin loses its ability to form vitamin, resulting in hypovitaminosis D.

Research scientists embraced 1650 persons aged 65 years. By the time of the study none of the volunteer was not diagnosed with dementia, stroke and other problems with the brain. Experts were monitoring the group for 6 months. Through this period of time in volunteers with normal levels of vitamin D the risk of dementia was 10%, in the ratio dementia is diagnosed every fifth.

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If you look at the research objectively, then dialed the group is small and the results do not claim to be fully objective. This discovery is only speculation, which should continue to work. It is possible that the global study will offer scientists new horizons in the treatment and prevention of dementia among older people.

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