Vitamin C protects against heart disease

On the pages of periodicals "The Times of India published an article by researchers from the University Plan from South Korea, where it is reported that a lack of vitamin C leads to a high blood protein hsCRT caused by inflammation and heart disease patients.

Under the guidance of the scientist Yun Ken Sleep studies were conducted, which revealed that a limited intake of vitamin C contributed to the accumulation in the blood of this protein more than 3 milligrams per 1 liter. It is twice as likely to have resulted in death from cardiovascular disease after one year. Patients who Supplement with vitamin C, received additional protection from death.

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The experiment attracted two hundred and twelve participants, whose average age was about sixty-one years. Women accounted for 35% of participating. Heart disease from moderate to severe in subjects was 45%. When observation of patients, scientists have analyzed the products in the diet in order to detect the consumption of vitamin C. the results showed that up to 39% of people do not have anything proper norm. To confirm their findings, the researchers conducted a test on the blood content of hsCRP. And already on the basis of the obtained results, patients were divided into two groups, one of which includes those who have studied the protein exceeded the threshold of three milligrams per liter, and the other was people with lower concentration of protein.

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