Vitamin C is an effective tool for destruction "sticks Koch"

A group of scientists from new York medical College. Albert Einstein during the work on the creation of a drug against tuberculosis made a surprising discovery, reports RIA "Novosti". It turns out that vitamin C is able to destroy the so-called "sticks Koch" that cause drug-resistant tuberculosis.

After the above-mentioned vitamin was added to the bacteria, it was found that "sticks Koch has died. Further research showed that after the addition of vitamin C starts a chemical reaction, which begin to produce reactive oxygen species that kill bacteria.

Experts hope that their discovery will help in the development of a special diet that contains large amounts of vitamin C, as well as in the creation of new drugs, causing the production of active oxygen forms.

It should also be noted that drug-resistant tuberculosis (LUTB) is a more severe form of the disease, which runs longer than the standard form of the disease. There are cases when there was a need to remove patient LUTB part of the lung.

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