Vitamin C combined with exercise reduces by half the risk of colds

The study found that vitamin C may have a beneficial effect on the body and protect people from cold and flu, but only under one condition that the receiving vitamin persons necessarily engaged in sports. Finnish scientists have come to the conclusion that foods rich in vitamin C, such as orange juice, can not bring any benefit to the lovers lie on the sofa. Conversely, those people who perform physical exercise, drinking the same juice will cut by half the risk they have the flu or colds.

Scientists at the University of Helsinki began research on the topic of vitamin C, which was attended by more than 11 thousand people. They handed out the vegetables and fruits high in vitamin C, such as strawberries, kiwi, oranges, experiment participants, among whom were, runners, students, soldiers, swimmers. Then they evaluated the impact of the mentioned vitamin on people. It turned out that vitamin C reduces by half the risk of the incidence of colds and flu with active people.

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In addition, researchers found that children are more sensitive to vitamins than adults. Grams of vitamin C reduces the risk of colds by 18 percent in children, and only 8 percent in adults. And this in the case that adults get cold two or three times a year, while in children it occurs 15 times annually. On this basis, scientists have concluded that adults are not enough to consume vitamin C, they need to exercise, and as for children, the vitamin C they just need.

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