Vitamin B3 is effective in the fight against dementia

Continuing research in order to effectively fight against dementia, experts from the National institutes of health conducted a series of experiments on mice with Alzheimer's disease. The result revealed a positive effect of nicotinamide ribozid (vitamin B3) on cognitive and physiological functions of animals. Scientists hope to use the discovery in the treatment of dementia in humans, as stated on pages

As you know, Alzheimer's causes a disruption of the processes of DNA repair in the brain tissues, resulting in dysfunctional disorders of the mitochondria of neurons, accompanied by inflammatory reactions. Nicotinamide ribozid allows to normalize the level of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide – conferment, important for energy metabolism and self-renewal of stem cells. Also noted were its involvement in stress resistance and DNA repair.

In the experiment with mice, the researchers found a positive trend in the animals that received nicotinamide ribozid. They had less DNA damage, and nerve cells, there is increased neuroplasticity, stem cells formed a greater number of neurons. The hippocampus is most affected by symptoms of dementia, under the influence of nicotinamide ribozid restored the DNA, preventing further damage.

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