Vitamin B3 helps to relieve inflammation in the gut

It is known that a large amount of fiber consumed in the diet helps to maintain intestinal motility, reduce inflammatory reactions in him. In addition, cellulose is used as an agent for the prevention of cancer of the gastrointestinal tract. A recent study proves that such action has and vitamin B3.

Specifically for the experiment, scientists have deduced breed mice without the receptor Gpr109a. This often led to cancer in laboratory animals. However, the introduction of their vitamin B3 activated immune mice that allowed them longer and more effective to deal with the pathological agent. Vitamin activated healthy gut bacteria and the body started stronger to resist disease.

Fiber activates the receptor Gpr109a, which affects the activity of macrophages. Immune cells begin to actively fight inflammation. In addition, fiber and vitamin B3 promote the release of cytokines. Data proteins provide quick healing of wounds.

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Scientists believe that the use of large doses of vitamin will help in the treatment of ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease and other inflammatory bowel diseases. Currently being prepared for clinical trials.

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