Vitamin B saves you from stress at work

Keep in mind that vitamin b contained In meat, beans and whole grains significantly eliminates work-related stress.

These are the results of a three-month experiment, the set Con Stowe, Professor Severnogo University of technology, the experience of the participants received either high-dose vitamins, or a placebo.

"Reducing stress, we also reduce the risk of health problems associated with cardiovascular disease, depression and anxiety," says Stowe.

The researchers assessed 60 participants on such factors as personality, work quality, mood, anxiety and tension, and then gave them a rating after 30 and 90 days.

"At the end of the three-month period, those participants who received vitamin group B, showed lower levels of work stress than it was in the beginning of the study. On the other hand, those who took the placebo showed no significant changes," says Stowe.

"Vitamin C, which is found in whole unprocessed foods such as meat, beans, whole grains, is an integral part of the synthesis of neurotransmitters critical to the psychological well-being. But the reality is that many people do not get enough vitamin B from their diet, so they turn to the synthesized vitamins," said he.

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