One of the forms of vitamin B takes active part in the recovery process of muscle and bone following injury. We are talking about vitamin B3 or ribozid. About the amazing discovery reports Science World Report.

Most tissues in our body have the ability to regenerate. However, with age, this function is gradually being lost, because of this, the bodies are deteriorating. The effect of vitamin B3 slows the aging process of kidney, liver tissue, muscles and bones. In fact, ribozid can be compared to the elixir of youth, however, about the useful properties of vitamin very few people know.

There is the concept of "fatigue" of stem cells. When this group of cells is divided into inactive, the body does not have enough material to repair damaged tissues and maintain them in a working form. Experiment with laboratory mice prove that ribozid "wakes up" the stem cells, causing them to actively share.

According to the data obtained, the introduction into the bloodstream of the mice of vitamin B3 was provided to increase the strength of animals and the duration of their lives. Many ribozid is contained in natural milk, so scientists advise to eat more dairy products.

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