Viruses are the cause of developing diabetes of the first type

Scientists from the University of Melbourne suggested that diabetes of the first type develops as a result of rotavirus infection. His theory technicians have tested on laboratory mice with a predisposition to diabetes. As a result of infection, the immune system of animals begins to produce B-lymphocytes and dendritic cells to activate the immune mediators interferon of the first type.

According to scientists the mechanism of development of diabetes of the first type might look like. Dendritic cells are transferred into an active state T-lymphocytes, which destroy the pancreatic cells responsible for the formation of insulin. As a result the formation of diabetes. The first type is characterized by insulin deficiency, whereas the second type is an inactive form of insulin.

Typically, diabetes of the first type is formed in childhood and adolescence. Patients with this diagnosis should carefully watch your diet and take injectable insulin. Now scientists say genetic predisposition to the disease, but the exact cause has not been determined.

The plans for the employees of the University of Melbourne to conduct additional studies to determine the etiology of the disease. It is quite possible that in the future we will be able to understand the true cause of the disease.

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