Virtual reality against pain

Scientists from the University of Maryland argued that immersion in a virtual world contributes to a significant reduction in pain perception.

Using the space of the virtual world allows the PC user to interact with the imposed virtual reality and emerging feelings that created the computer with a widescreen points and, of course, headphones. This technology affects the perception of pain, competing with the person's attention and forming a sort of roadblock external excitation. PC user pays less attention to the manifestation of painful stimuli, and the reaction repeated exposure to them is reduced.

This finding for the first time gave a positive assessment of the benefits of the virtual world in the treatment of some types of pain. Eight sessions of virtual reality were twenty-eight participants of the experiment, which lasted eight weeks. Throughout this period of time was aimed at confronting the painful effects that are accompanied with the effects on the human body cold.

The results of the experiment showed that the volunteers improved tolerance to pain in comparison with the initial level. We also observed a decrease in pain scores, excitement and reflections on the state of discomfort. The obtained effects were maintained over time.

The authors of the study believe that virtual reality has broad therapeutic potential.

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