Virologists have learned how HIV survives

It is known that the main problem in the treatment of HIV is its re-activation. It turns out that this behavior of the virus is caused by infection with it the stem cells of the immune system, can live for decades and create new similar cells. This explains the constant presence of the virus in the body.

Life is mostly cells of the human body short. While recognized long-lived stem cells. The majority of stem cells to the virus resistant. Vulnerable to him only group stem T cell memory. They become HIV reliable refuge.

Mathias Lichterfeld officer General hospital, located in Massachusetts, notes that on the surface membranes of the stem of the T-memory cells are the receptors of two types that are used by the virus to penetrate into these cells. During the present study it was proven. Incidentally, the high content of DNA, virus-infected, antiretroviral drugs was observed in the stem of the T-cell memory.

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