Virologists declared victory over viruses, not amenable to conventional medicines

The work of antiviral drugs is impossible, if the source of the disease is a RNA virus. According to "Remedium", it becomes impossible to recognize the virus, due to the presence in its genome the nucleotide substitutions that occurred during the breeding season.

Now, however, this is not a problem. Scientists have focused on the ribosomes - the cell structures behind the production of the protein. The broadcast is carried out in several specific cellular proteins, is also regulated by ribosomes, providing, thus, the impact on the reproduction of viruses.

The experts were able to identify on the surface of ribosomes protein rpL40. They are provided with the translation of viral proteins. If this stops the virus from replicating. Scientists have found that studying vesicular stomatitis virus (it belongs to the same group as the rabies virus).

Thus, the presence of rpL40 almost completely determined translation of viral mRNA. The presence rpL40 on the surface of ribosomes caused the synthesis of only 7% of the proteins belonging to the cell master. At this time, scientists are searching and other ribosomal proteins, important in the reproduction of different viruses.

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