Virologist voiced a possible scenario of the spread of coronavirus in Russia

Doctor of medical Sciences, Professor Anatoly Alstein in an interview announced the most likely scenario for the spread of coronavirus in Russia.

"It is unlikely we will have such a spread of coronavirus infections, as in Western Europe. We have a large mortality. However, now we are at the beginning of the epidemic, therefore, the rise of morbidity will continue," said Alstein.

According to Ulstein, the probability of the existence of multiple options will be explored in the near future.

"It is not excluded that the world can develop epidemics associated with different virus. The virus, which originally went from China, could give variation. Judging by how different flows on the mortality of the epidemic in Italy and Spain on the one hand and Germany on the other, I do not exclude that this can be different variants of the virus," said the virologist.

Virologist suggested, citing the example of the Chinese experience that the peak of HIV infection in Russia will be in may.

According to April 4 in Russia 4731 people infected, recovered 333.

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