Viral hepatitis is recognized as the most dangerous infection in the world

Disease ranked first in frequency of deaths and serious health complications. Experts from Imperial College London and the University of Washington tried to figure out what the infection currently poses a great danger to people's health.

All the analysis was applied to residents of 183 countries. The study itself took more than 20 years. As it turned out, many people from developing countries with unstable economic situation die from hepatitis B and C.

Every year from the disease killed 1.45 million people. Hepatitis, experts believe, to the degree of danger is on a par with malaria, tuberculosis and HIV infection. Most are ill with hepatitis in the countries of East Asia.

Doctors recommend that if you suspect the disease immediately seek specialized help. At home hepatitis can not be cured. Now there are a number of drugs that can stop the progression of infection and significantly prolong life, improve its quality.

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