Violent games do not affect mental health in adolescents - the scientists

Scientists have disproved the myth about the influence of violent movies and games on the psyche of teenagers. Data has been scientifically confirm the specialists of Russian studies at Stetson University. During two studies, Professor of Russian studies at Stetson University Christopher Ferguson found that the theory of the influence of virtual aggression on the perception of the real world a healthy teenager is without Foundation.

Professor likened the scene of murders in films from 1920 to 2005 and the results of mass murders during the same time period. Aggression in movies and games over the years grew, while the number of murders in society has decreased.

In the second study, the scientist analyzed the influence of computer games on aggression in adolescents in the real world. Communication also could not be found.

Aggression in the virtual world of computer games and film - a way to pour negativity that is necessary for any healthy person. Usually murders and suicides lead of the game, but a serious mental illness, hiding under one of the masks of normality.

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