Violations, potentially causing dementia associated with tobacco

According to researchers from king's College London, Smoking literally promotes the decomposition of the brain, impaired ability to learn, reason, and memory impairment. According to the BBC, the survey, which was attended 8800 people aged 50 years and older had high blood pressure, and excess weight, confirmed the direct effect of lifestyle on the brain.

To perform their work, scientists have resorted to using not only data about the lifestyles of people aged 50 years and older, but the validation results of the brain: volunteers offered to teach new words or, for example, to list the greatest number of animals within a minute. After 4 and 8 years the study was conducted again.

It turned out, the deterioration in cognitive status affects the overall risk of stroke and heart attack. Then, of course, was the presence in the test area and poor results. However, it is not yet clear what specific problems in humans in everyday life can be caused by deterioration and would it not lead to full-blown dementia.

According to scientists, every third person over the age of 65 years at risk of developing dementia, although it may be lower. In particular, according to the Society of Alzheimer's disease, attention should attract Smoking, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels and a large body mass index. All these are signs of an existing threat not only for the heart but also for the brain.

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