Vinegar kills antibiotic-resistant bacteria - scientists

Scientists have found that regular acetic acid is a worthy tool to combat pathogenic bacteria. Moreover, the substance acts and flora that are resistant to antibiotics, including tuberculosis bacteria and other pathogens, writes The Times of India.

Mycobacterium is the main source of TB and leprosy. It is known that the bacilli contained in the natural environment of the person and move freely through the air. In Russia, for example, up to 90% of people have in their body's strain of TB that are in an inactive state. You should know that this is a no-brainer.

Mycobacteria are resistant to most antibiotics. This is why TB, unlike many other diseases, can be treated within 6-24 months. The penetration of the pathogen into the wound can cause the development of serious infections.

A recent study conducted by scientists from the Venezuelan Institute for scientific research proves that such protected microorganism is defenseless in the face of normal acetic acid. Data were installed during the test drug dissolved in acid. The combination of drugs and acid acted much more quickly and efficiently. After 30 minutes the number of bacteria was reduced to a minimum.

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