Vinegar detects cervical cancer

Experts from Johns Hopkins University with the approval of the world Health Organization recently used a solution of 5% vinegar to detect cancer. Vinegar makes precancerous infected cells white, so direct its application to the cervix instantly identifies them. These precancerous lesions can be frozen using chilled in the tank with carbon dioxide metal rod.

The detection of such a method is extremely simple, nurses can take a course for three days and will be able to detect cancer of the uterus to the naked eye. Not even trained in medical terms people will be able to see cancer with my own eyes.

Cheap and simple test for the detection of cancer has already been applied in a pilot version in 20 countries, including Ghana and Zimbabwe. Although in the rich, developed countries, doctors from remote areas can take a note of it this way, if they are far from the laboratories for other types of dough.

Every year from cervical cancer dies 250 thousand women, 85 percent of women live in low-and middle-income countries. Cheap test for the detection of cancer will help to identify the disease in a larger number of women, and thus in time to provide adequate treatment. Moreover, acetic testing does not give false results compared with the PAP test is previously common method of diagnosing cervical cancer.

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