Vietnam asks for help: the lives of 17 people killed unknown disease

In Vietnam, at least 17 people died and more than 170 people experience symptoms unknown to the present day illness. This was reported by the "Interfax" Agency, which similarly refers to the statement made by Vietnamese authorities.

The infection mainly affects young Vietnamese. The first symptoms of an unknown disease manifest themselves in the form of increased temperature, loss of appetite and the appearance of rashes on legs and arms. At present with similar symptoms hospitalized about 100 people, 10 of them are in critical condition.

Reportedly Vietnamese authorities, by early detection of an unknown disease is treatable, but at the same time do not receive timely assistance can cause serious liver problems, and then functional disorders and other internal organs.

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Due to the sudden outbreak of an unknown disease, the country has to request the world health organization on arrival Vietnam specialists, who will assist in establishing the correct diagnosis.

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