Video: scientists have recorded the attack of T-killer cells to cancer cells

American and British scientists have presented cooperative surveillance video, which shows how "killers" of the immune system hunt down and destroy cancer cells, reports The Daily Mail.

Professor Gillian Griffiths, Director of the Institute of the University of Cambridge medical research, who led the study, said: "Within each of us lurks an army of serial killers, whose main function is to kill again and again. These cells patrol our bodies, detecting and destroying virus-infected cancer cells, and they do it with amazing accuracy and efficiency."

Study the work of the joint team of British and American scientists were published in the journal Immunity.

Video of T-killer cells are shown in blue. Once they discover the cell membrane "fingers" lymphocytes check its contents. After that, T-killer injects toxic proteins in microtubules on its surface. In the final leukocyte pierces this surface, allowing poisonous "cargo" to destroy the cancer cell. After that, the fate of cells is solved and we can see how it dries and dies.

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