Video: in Antarctica discovered a 40-kilometre crack

A crack length of about 40 kilometers appeared in October near the British research station "Halley 6". It may be to explain why he has for a long period constantly break off large icebergs.

"Today no one doubts that the Western ice sheet of Antarctica melts, the question is when this will happen. The formation of such fissures and fractures causes the glacier to retreat from record-high pace, and adds a chance that the current generation of people will witness the complete collapse of this ice sheet," said Ian Howat (Ian Howat) from the Ohio state University (USA).

From the dangers of the activities of research stations, the Antarctic, the Department recommended to close the "Halley-6" for the winter period, which runs from March to November 2017. In addition, the station will be postponed to 23 kilometers from the cracks.

A drone took video of the giant crack in the ice of Antarctica

Scientists suggest that these cracks are on may also exist in other parts of the ice array.

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