Video games will help in the fight against amblyopia in adults

Video games can help improve vision in patients with amblyopia or "lazy eye in adults, this is the conclusion of scientists at the University of California.

Amblyopia - a disease of the brain where vision in one eye does not develop properly. Study participants showed marked improvement in depth perception and visual acuity after 40 hours of playing time.

Amblyopia is the most common disturbance of vision in one eye, it was diagnosed in 2 out of 100 children. Although in children it can be successfully treated when work on the eyes is a blindfold and the brain causes outside eyes to see, after 8 years of success in treatment is unlikely.

However, in recent years the opinion of irreversibility in adult amblyopia becomes not so categorical. An intense workout, the eyes may cause eyesight 30-Frolov.

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For experiment 20 volunteers with amblyopia spent 20 two-hour gaming sessions with a bandage on the desktop eye. All volunteers received improved from 30 to 50 percent of their vision improved. The doctors did not expect such a strong improvement, but advise video games as a home treatment for amblyopia early.

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