Video games of new generation for psychotherapy

Scientists from the Centre of psychophysiology and self-regulation when Institute of Technology believe that causes increased anxiety of modern youth is constant stress when learning and trying to achieve the best results.

A group of students from the Rochester Institute of technology has created an innovative computer game, which should help young people to improve their self-management skills in everyday life. Personalized gaming platform allows patients to physicians who are struggling with anxiety, to help yourself in a new way.

The game is integrated physiological sensors that display in the gameplay nervousness and negative emotions in the player and transmit the data on the character. Thus, the players clearly see where you are and gradually learn to control your reactions to stress.

It is likely, games, based on the physiological state, will become the basis of a new cognitive-behavioral therapy, which helps creative way to develop methods of self-control. These games combine the interest and excitement and functions of the therapist, at the same time physiological data from sensors can help further documentary treatment.

The prototype is ready to play for extended clinical trials, Finance to create such a massive project were obtained through a grant from the Department of the Rochester Institute of technology.

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