Video game consoles as a method of treatment for problems in motor coordination in children

Game console Wii Fit from Nintendo is a great way for the development of children who have problems with movement. According to experts, game balance, which allows you to play this console, develops motor skills in children and improves their socially active behavior and emotional state, writes The Daily Mail.

According to scientists, this console can improve the lives of 6 percent of children who have noticed problems with coordination of movements. These problems affect all types of body muscles, both large and small. This leads to the fact that the child is experiencing serious difficulty fastening buttons, writing something, and he can't catch and throw objects.

Professor Elizabeth hill, University of London, during the month watched the two children's groups. One of the groups weekly three times for 10 minutes played in the console, the second group participated in regular rehabilitation program.

As shown by the results of the study, children from group number one began feeling better. Experts who conducted this experiment, are encouraged to include these games in the program for rehabilitation of children suffering from disturbances in motor coordination. Plus, these games can be played at home. The main positive aspects of these games are to improve the physical, emotional and psychological parameters in children.

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