Victims of plastic surgery: if I should risk it?

Each of us possesses certain qualities, spiritual, moral, physical. In its quest for perfection knows no bounds. While the development of domestic content requires work, fix external disadvantages often associated with more radical methods, one of which is a visit to a plastic surgeon.

Numerous victims of plastic surgery make you think, what motivates people to go to the doctors with a request to correct unsuccessful, in their opinion, appearance, or to correct what has saved nature. The number of supporters of such methods is steadily growing, even regardless on the sad examples that demonstrate the famous victim of plastic surgery.

As a rule, most often a doctor's office visit girls and women who spent their whole lives suffer from complexes associated with the imperfection of one or another body part. Not paying absolutely no attention to the huge number of photographs depicting the famous and not-so-victim of plastic surgery, young ladies dream about increasing breast size or changing the shape of the lips, and the older ladies are asked to tighten the skin on the face and get rid of wrinkles. However, most patients are fully confident that their shortcomings are the obstacle to happiness in his personal life. A potential victim of plastic surgery not want to acknowledge that the "fixed" part of the body is not always harmoniously into the overall appearance, and such interference will not go unnoticed by the others.

On the other hand, many celebrities believe plastic surgery is not only a great tool to solve problems with appearance quickly and radically, but also a kind of confirmation of status to show the world that they can afford it.

Indeed, one gets the idea that plump lips and impressive with its unnatural Breasts are the same attributes of the "good" life, like expensive cars, designer clothes and Bank accounts. By the way, the future victims of plastic surgery often come to the doctor's office with their sweethearts, who would like to Express their wishes regarding the choice of "new" parts of the body of the partner.

Victims of plastic surgery, in all probability, not too often ask this question, if they will not hesitate to trust your face and body to the hands of the doctors. Even if the surgery will be successful and on the physical health of the client plastic surgeon intervention will have no effect, and appearance the quality will improve, no one can guarantee that the patient will evaluate themselves adequately, and internal systems will disappear by themselves.

Conscientious professionals always insist that potential patients to a plastic surgeon is mandatory received psychological help. Often the psychologist helps to understand what can be happy with the data, which is bestowed by nature, and to change attitudes.

Unfortunately, quite often you can find cases when a famous victim of plastic surgery, once stepping on the slippery path of improving their appearance, can not stop until death. Such examples are numerous, the list can continue forever. Many of them, both domestic and foreign, and even deny that they have psychological problems in plasticopedia" becomes their obsession.

Consider some of the most, not afraid of the word, striking. "Bright" is not in the plan of happiness and the ideal of beauty. Unfortunately, to achieve this in the end is not all, but to become a "star" yellow press and plunge the world into the horror of his appearance - easy. Take, for example, Jocelyn Wild. What was the key factor that triggered the process of turning women out of the ordinary representative of the human race in some semblance of cats is unknown. And here are the details of life "happy" families have long been in the public domain.

No matter how corny it sounds, but the most likely cause of the transformation was just mad love to her husband, multiplied by the complexes about their appearance. In the end, not having had time to celebrate the engagement, Jocelyn went on the first trip under the knife of the surgeon. After some time, innocent surgery to remove wrinkles became the starting point for countless fixes appearance. How proudly she says Jocelyn, the only place that was touched by a scalpel - the tip of the nose. Seeing the delighted gaze of her husband, turned to a young beauty, the wife immediately ran to the next operation, trying to become like her.

All their efforts were not crowned with success, the husband still left to another, because to live with the creating, vaguely reminiscent of the woman he had loved, he could not. Medical services also flew a lot of money in total, the family spent more than $ 4 million.

The second example is even more famous person, especially among men. Yes, we are talking about the Lola Ferrari (eve Valois), the record holder of the Guinness Book of records and in the past the owner of the most luxurious in the world of the bust. 1m 30 cm is not a joke. Alas, nature here is no role is not played, but the skills of plastic surgeons have come at a better time. Over the total period of ten years Lola has been under the scalpel a few dozen times.

One cannot say that it was all in vain, because as a result, she became world famous and the largest fees are among the porn actress. As in the previous case, here also a very strong role played by the influence of her husband, who quickly realized what a gold mine fell into his hands, and took the young naive girl into the nearest plastic surgery clinic.

Family idyll was not to last long. Lola began to have serious health problems, the doctors warned that in a "perfect" day, she just can't get out of bed because of the malfunction of the spine. Attempts to convince the star to get silicone implants, nor to no avail. In the end, the sudden death, the causes of which remain unclear. It is possible that the decisive role was played by such blatant abuse of his own body.

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