Vibration gloves will help people with vision problems

Braille is essential for people with low vision to assimilate visual information, as a rule, texts, through the touch of the fingertips. The development of the font sometimes takes a long time, writes The Daily Mail. Scientists have developed a vibration gloves, which should significantly speed up this process.

The gloves are built miniature vibrating motors, the sale of buzz in the projection of the joints of the hand. In addition, the system can tell what letter is now reprinted. Interestingly, gloves work well, even when people are not paid to the process of learning to read due attention.

The effectiveness of gloves were confirmed in the study. Volunteers from the group enrolled in the traditional method, over the study period not anything new learned and did the same number of errors. Application of vibrating gloves helped to improve recognition letters up to 70%, an excellent result.

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