Vibration disease

Vibration disease is a disease of a professional nature, the occurrence of which is associated with prolonged exposure to vibration. The pathogenic effect of this factor is influenced by its intensity, duration of contact and the individual characteristics of the person. The greatest sensitivity to vibration characteristic of the nervous and skeletal systems.

When the disease there has been a violation of various organs and tissues. Vibration local and local nature leads to the breakdown of neuro-reflex and neurohumoral mechanisms. It should be noted that the vibration is a strong irritant that increases the secretion of norepinephrine in the synapses. In connection with the inability to fully capture and accumulation of this mediator most of it enters the blood stream. This is considered to be a cause of high blood pressure and angiospasm.

People who are constantly faced with vibration, stresses the development of destructive phenomena in nerve cells, brain reticular formation and other structures of the nervous system.

For diseases caused by local vibration, characterized by the following stages:

1. The occurrence of paresthesia, numbness and pain in the fingers.

2. Increasing severity of pain and paresthesia. Marked impaired vascular tone and discomfort. Characterized by the development of autonomic dysfunction and fatigue.

3. Pronounced vasomotor and trophic disorders. Vibration sensitivity of the oppressed. Found disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Using x-ray determined pathology of the bones and joints.

4. The development of generalized organic lesions. It is, for example, about BSE. Marked worsening violations typical of previous stages. Characterized by the emergence microsociology symptoms and autonomic seizures.

If the cause of the disease is a combination of local vibration with total, in addition to violations of the vibration sensitivity neurasthenic syndrome.

Characterized by headaches, dizziness, hypersensitivity, paresthesia and other Celebrated detection of foci of epileptiform activity on EEG.

In vibration disease, developing due to the overall vibration and shocks, there vestibulopathy and headaches.

First of all, diagnostics of vibration disease involves the collection of professional history and the study of sanitary and hygienic working conditions. During the examination the patient should be used in modern clinical-physiological techniques. An important activity is the study of vibration and pain sensitivity.

This disease must be differentiated with Raynaud's disease, syringomyelia, vegetative polyneuritis, cramps, etc.

Struggle with vibration disease consists of the use of medicines, as well as conducting reflex therapy and physiotherapeutic measures. Shows the use of ganglioblokatorov, antispasmodics, and drugs that improve trophism and microcirculation (angioprotectors, trental, multivitamin).

In addition, effectively carrying out electrophoresis, massage, laser therapy, UHF and UV-irradiation of the cervical sympathetic nervous system, etc.

It is worth noting that adequate employment and therapy, as a rule, lead to the regression of the clinical manifestations of this disease.

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