Veneers - the miracle of aesthetic dentistry

Unfortunately, even a perfectly healthy (or completely filled) teeth do not always look beautiful. Acquired with age pigmentation or curvature from childhood always confuse people, not allowing you to smile so often and relaxed as you would like. Increasingly popular in our time are becoming achievements of aesthetic dentistry, one of which is veneers.

Veneers - ceramic plates are quite thin (less than 0.5 mm) and transparent. Installation of veneers is a relatively simple procedure. They are made individually during the week (sometimes a little longer), and then glued to the surface of the problematic teeth, making them smooth and white. Teeth that are fixed with veneers look completely natural. Coffee, nicotine and other strong dyes change their color is not capable, discoloration and stains veneers are also not affected. Plaque on your teeth is no longer accumulates.

The most frequent indications for use aesthetic ceramic plates - veneers: damage of non-carious enamel, chipped as a result of injury to tooth irregularities and distortion, discoloration of the tooth, stains or even discolorations.

Along with the obvious advantages of veneers are typical of many serious disadvantages.

The fragility of the plate and the likelihood of splitting or peeling. In this case, you will need to re-visit a dentist. If possible, veneer very carefully to take out and convey to Dr. intact. Well, the split will have to be replaced.

The edges of the veneer, usually painted. This is due to the properties of the adhesive material used to secure the plates on the surface of the teeth. To minimize the probability of changing color in strict compliance with the rules of care veneers and thorough oral hygiene.

The most important thing: to install veneer requires partial stitching tooth, so the tooth restoration no restoration in the future impossible.

Veneers - set, fully justified from an aesthetic point of view. However, it is important to consider all of the above disadvantages when deciding on installing ceramic plates. All the teeth and gums must be absolutely healthy (in good faith or cured).

Lifetime veneers comes to 10 years, of course, at moderate load and impeccable oral hygiene.

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