Vegetative-vascular dystonia - features of the disease, symptoms and treatment

Vegetative-vascular dystonia is a disease in which a person feels more fatigue, headache, can't stand stuffy rooms and many other similar symptoms.

Features of disease

Associated the disease with autonomic nervous system, the nervous system, which controls the functioning of internal organs. Hence the problems with headache, shortness of breath, weakness. Therefore, vegetative-vascular dystonia imposes a General impact on the inner workings of their bodies.


Symptoms can be a large number. And they all manifest themselves in different ways. Separately or together. A lot depends on the violation of any body or between the organs in the human body.

First of all, it is the main organ of the heart. The main symptom is a bad heart. This may not be the correct heart rhythm, pain and sinking heart.

Heart is connected with the light on them is "pressure". The attacks of dyspnea, increased respiration, etc.

Races pressure during vegetative-vascular dystonia known for a long time. Everything is interconnected, heart and lungs. If they are not in order, it may change the pressure.

Fluctuations from high to low temperature and in the reverse order. Fluctuations can have different duration of time.

There are problems with the stomach and intestines (abdominal pain, nausea, etc.).

Begin nervous disorders, such as weakness, headache, chronic fatigue, drowsiness, disturbances of the sleep cycle, etc.,

Problems with sexual function of a man is not forced to wait long when vegeto-vascular dystonia.


To prevent the disease is better than cure. Required permanent prevention from childhood. It is the autonomic system reflects the normal operation of a growing organism. And the cause of vegetative-vascular dystonia is autonomic dysfunction, which can be a large number of diseases.

The most important factor in the treatment of this disease is considered to be the correct way of life. What is meant by this? You should monitor your body more relax and spend time outdoors, walking in the forest, to respect the day, but it is good to sleep, not to worry. It can be useful to pass a health-resort treatment.

The medication is made by a physician. To the same extent refers to the use of different procedures prescribed by the doctor.

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Summarizing, we can say that vegeto-vascular dystonia is better to prevent than to treat. An integrated approach to medicines, treatments and a healthy lifestyle will allow you to do this.

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