Vegetative-vascular dystonia during pregnancy

Many women at childbearing constantly feel discomfort. Dizziness, nausea, abdominal pain - symptoms, pregnancy threatened abortion. All women, only learned of his situation, should immediately come on reception to the gynecologist. The specialist examination, assigns passing many tests (blood, urine, feces), makes ultrasound, and on the basis of this diagnostic determines how the pregnant woman's body is ready for childbearing. Also gynecologist finds that there are no health problems in the mother or fetus. Vegetative-vascular dystonia pregnancy syndrome, which occurs in women in the position and provokes the emergence of many unpleasant symptoms. Characterized by impaired functioning of the nervous system. This entails a lot of consequences. First of all, interferes with the normal functioning of the heart, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system. A pregnant woman feels the General physical malaise.

Signs of vegetative-vascular dystonia

The most common symptoms of this syndrome are:

• The nervous system:

- poor sleep;

a feeling of fear or anxiety;

- irritability;

- depression.

• Cardio - vascular system:

- palpitations;

- tachycardia;

sharp drops in blood pressure.

• Gastro-intestinal tract:

- nausea;

- bloating;

- the feeling of a full stomach.

As the syndrome affects pregnancy. How to deal with illness

Vegetative-vascular dystonia gives impetus to the development of women, which is located at the position of iron deficiency anemia and placental insufficiency. The syndrome is more common in pregnant women with low birth weight. If you are childbearing women the doctor diagnosed vegeto-vascular dystonia, he should be treated. Some guidelines that help in the fight against disease:

• Pregnant woman should sleep not less than 9 hours per day.

• To ensure that the body gets enough oxygen, the woman needs to walk every day in the fresh air. You can go into the forest or Park. The duration of the day walking - 1 hour.

• A woman needs to control their emotions to the maximum. To calm down, you can drink tea with chamomile. Cheer up will help orange juice.

Self-treatment leads to unintended consequences. Medication during pregnancy appointed in rare cases, and only by a physician.

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