Vegetarians less prone to the risk of obesity and diabetes mellitus

Contrary to popular opinion, formed solely from plant foods diet is not inferior to normal. Moreover, it contributes to efficient stabilization of the body to produce hormones that regulate the level of blood sugar, body weight and feeling of satiety.

Scientists from the Czech Institute of clinical and experimental medicine and Institute of endocrinology conducted an experiment in which took part three groups of volunteers of 20 people: with diabetes 2-type, obese, and healthy people. All of them were mixed and divided into two sections. The first was a purely vegetarian menu (based on tofu), the participants in the second group was offered a menu with the amount of cheese and meat. Thus, according to the degree of calories and microelements both menus were identical.

After 0.5 hours, 2-and 3-hours after ingestion of tested levels of the hormones GLP-1, PYY and Amelina who are involved in the metabolism of glucose, the secretion of insulin, responsible for energy homeostasis, regulation of body weight and satiety. Tests have shown a higher content of hormones in all participants of the first group. Scientists attribute this to the high fiber in vegan menu.

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