Vegetarianism requires the right approach

Last year, former U.S. President Clinton, known for a love of donuts and burgers undergoing in 2004, coronary bypass surgery, became a vegan, which has lost 24 pounds and decreased cholesterol levels.

Nutritionists Clinton reported that vegetarianism is one of the most healthy ways of life, but it can be a very unhealthy diet with the wrong approach.

In products of animal origin contains a lot of nutrients - proteins, omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, zinc, iron, vitamin B12. Vegans should be careful to balance consumption rich in necessary nutrients products - dark vegetables, cabbage, turnip, rich in zinc nuts and beans, and Flaxseed. Newcomers from vegetarianism can fall into the trap of incorrect balance due to the limited capacities of the consumption of food or rely on overloaded with salt meat substitutes.

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Vegans are advised to eat beans, nuts, peas, tofu. At the moment, the Clinton avoids any food that could harm his blood vessels and follows the instructions of the famous nutritionists Dina Orsha and Dr. Cordula Esseltine.

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