Vegetarianism dries the brain, the study showed

Scientists from Oxford University in the UK proved that a sharp transition to a vegetarian diet can cause a decrease in brain size.

For several years the researchers conducted a survey of people who decided to become vegetarians. A singular change, the researchers found, occurs in the brain. The liquid content therein is reduced, the body decreases in size.

Note, the study involved volunteers aged from 16 to 87 years. Apparently, vitamin B12 deficiency, which is inevitable when vegetarianism, accelerates the excretion of fluids from the body. As a result, the above-described phenomenon.

While data on the effects of "dehydration" of the brain on the nervous system. However, scientists suggest that a number of neurological disorders has a connection with the shortage of water in the tissues of the brain.

Experts in nutrition recommend a balanced approach to the preparation of their own diet. Then the possible problem easy to avoid.

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