Vegetarian diet reduces the likelihood of prostate cancer

The risk of prostate cancer by one third lower among vegans, established professionals from Universiteta Loma Linda. They noticed that eating solely plant-based food will benefit men's body. About it writes edition The Daily Mail.

Scientists have traced a huge group of men. Some of them stuck to a plant-based diet most of your life. As a result of observation, scientists have identified a group of 1079 men who develop prostate cancer. Examining the diet, the researchers came to the conclusion that the probability of disease is slightly increased by eating dairy products, eggs and meat.

To give recommendations about the change of diet, scientists have not yet scheduled. There is no substantial evidence, talking about the unconditional benefits of veganism (complete rejection of meat and animal products). There are many more safe and enjoyable ways to reduce cancer risk: from the walks in the fresh air to banal abstinence from alcohol and Smoking.

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