Vegetarian diet can save you from diabetes, scientists believe

Eating a predominantly vegetarian diet significantly reduces the likelihood of developing diabetes of the second type. Edition of the Health Site writes that even small changes in diet can positively affect metabolism. However, the researchers recommend revising your diet to protect yourself from diabetes.

The study involved 200 000 people in the US. They shared with the experts of their way of life, diet and various diseases. Information scientists have gathered for 20 years.

For the separation of people into groups, the researchers used the Index of vegetable diets. According to its principles, plant-based foods are getting more points than animal origin.

The study showed that the prevalence of herbal products the risk of diabetes is reduced by 20% compared to people who prefer meat. In total abstinence from meat project risk is reduced by 34%. If you replace the meat with potatoes and sweets, the risk increases by 16% regardless of the amount of plant food.

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