Vegetables every year lose in usefulness, experts say

The composition of vegetables and fruit breeders constantly changing. Over the past few years plant foods became more sweet. The main objective of farmers is to sell more crops, and sweet foods sold better.

The Daily Mail cites an example. About 30 years ago, white grapefruit were in great demand, until it has replaced the traditional red counterpart. Red grapefruit contains more sugar and less nutrients, but its palatability is much higher.

Plant food gradually turns into a pacifier, experts say. The content of vitamins and nutrients in vegetables and fruits from supermarkets are falling, and the concentration of sugars increases.

Even Brussels sprouts breeders have been able to make sweet to the taste, variety, designed specifically for children. In General, the bitterness rejected by the person at the evolutionary level. The bitter taste is associated with poison, although many substances with an unpleasant taste have great benefits for the body.

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