Vegetables and fruits increase a person's mood

A group of specialists from the psychology Department of the University of Otago conducted a study during which 281 for three weeks led online diary. In this diary study participants described included in their diet products, writes the Daily Mail.

After the experiment ended, it became clear that people who ate lots of vegetables and fruit, were more happy, relaxed and full of energy. Those people, whose diet was attended by recognized harmful products, such qualities not possessed.

According to Dr. Tamlin Conner, the changes of a positive nature was observed in the days when people ate a lot of vegetables and fruits. Young people need to eat seven to eight servings of fruits and vegetables a day in order to achieve a similar result.

Portion in this case is the number that will fit in one palm, which is equivalent to half a Cup. By the way, the analyses carried out additionally showed that a person's mood thanks to this diet remained elevated even on the next day.

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