Vegetables - an alternative to creams for the face

Are you tired of spending money on face cream, and you want to find more cost-effective option for yourself? Then pay attention to vegetables, such as cucumbers and tomatoes, strawberries, and raspberries, which are useful not only for the body in General, but also for the skin in particular.

Vegetables are great for cleansing the skin. They also contain large amounts of vitamins needed for a healthy glow to the skin. It is known that potatoes are used as a means to get rid of acne, inflamed pimples and other irregularities of the skin surface. To verify this, you just need to cut the potatoes into 2 approximately equal portions and in circular motions to RUB it into the skin. Starch remaining on the surface of the skin, you must wash off after 15 minutes with water at room temperature. The potato is a great tool that gets rid of circles under the eyes, but for this, you need to grate the potatoes.

Second on our list, but not the last value is the tomato. Tomatoes can be used in the daily diet, and in cosmetology. To clean and open the pores, you will need a tablespoon of tomato juice and a few drops of fresh lime juice - you need to mix all the ingredients and apply the mixture on the skin. After these treatments the skin will breathe much better!

Cucumber juice helps to soften and cleanse the skin surface. To be sure, in a circular motion RUB the juice into the skin, after 15 minutes, don't forget to wash with warm water. Such procedures can be done every day, it will benefit your skin.

Carrots continue our list. It contains a lot of carotene, which gives freshness to the face and a healthy color, it also prevents aging of the skin. And the juice and pulp carrot remarkably moisturizes, nourishes with vitamins and nourishes the skin.

Cabbage generally works wonders with the skin. Its leaves will quickly and efficiently get rid of bags under the eyes, which are often caused by fatigue and lack of sleep.

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