Vegetable cocktails change color enamel

It is known that vegetables contain a large number of beneficial vitamins, minerals and fiber. This has led to the increasing popularity of vegetable smoothies cocktails. Only dentists with caution look at the new fashion: green smoothies can change the color of white enamel, reports The Times of India.

Each product includes Chromogens, matter-pigments. Some Chromogens quickly join the enamel of human teeth, which leads to the color change of a smile. The combination of Chromogens with coffee, legumes and citrus degree of attachment to enamel increases.

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To preserve the whiteness of teeth, scientists advise to drink vegetable smoothies through a straw. This method significantly reduces the contact of the teeth with the liquid. The second tip is not to mix vegetables with tannins. You should not add to the cocktail of broccoli, cucumber and citrus. Not hurt and regular brushing 2-3 times a day. The following simple rules will help to keep a white smile.

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