Vegans at risk for a heart attack

Strict vegetarians, or so-called vegans do not eat not only meat but all animal products. However, such a diet may increase the risks of developing blood clots in the body and atherosclerosis, which often leads to heart attacks and stroke.

Over the last thirty years, the biochemistry of vegetarianism is particularly tight studied, and now scientists from the American society of biochemists came to this conclusion.

The scientist Duo Lee acknowledges that meat-eaters put their cardiovascular system a much greater risk than vegetarians. However, even with low risks vegans are not immune from disease. In the diet of vegans are lacking key nutrients - zinc, vitamin B12, iron, and omega-3. Although if you go to vegetarianism with the mind, it is possible to supply the necessary amount of protein bezmasenoj diet, but the missing fats and acids to make up almost out of nowhere. As a consequence reduced homocysteine and necessary cholesterol in the blood which leads to cardiovascular disease.

How vegans and vegetarians to protect yourself from stroke? The necessary acids are found in salmon and other fatty fish, walnuts, B12 found in seafood, milk and eggs.

Vegans also known not only for its commitment to radical vegetarianism, but his aggression in the distribution of beliefs - they believe they can form a pair with those who do not adhere to their diet and aggressively impose their views. After the research of scientists such aggression is seen as a natural physiological reaction suffer from lack of vitamins in the body.

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